About Me:

With 4 years experience developing games on the PC, and 15 years experience in the film and television animation industry, I believe I have the skills required to fit just about any project and production environments. I have experience in both senior and managerial roles. I am open to all types of employment positions.

I'm currently working as the visual effects lead at Petroglyph Games. At Petro, I am responsible for VFX creation/integration into their proprietary GlyphX engine. This includes particle effects, mesh effects, and shader based effects. Newer projects also include research into dynamic destruction systems. These prototypes are created in other engines and then migrated into the GlyphX engine.

I also have substantial experience with several programming languages and scripting languages such as C#, Java, XML, Max Script, and Mel. I'm also well versed in Unity scripting, include NGUI, and Photon networking.

I'm a gamer at heart and truely love the work